June27th 22:17 CEST, the tests of the ICT (IOTA Controlled agenT) has been announced on discord and reddit.

What is ICT

ICT (IOTA Controlled agenT) is a piece of software with swarm intelligence(swarm node). It’s main purpose is the EC (Economic Clustering) about which you can read here. Imagine a current Full Node but always having the size of for example lesser than 1GB so it’s possible to run it on very small devices like e.g. my Raspberry Pi Zero, powered by solar energy. Supposedly these devices will be able to earn IOTAs by offering their services. It’s the last piece of the puzzle that’s gonna enable IOTA truly infinite scaling. (source)

Swarm Client is another approach planned to enable the IOTA client running in these very resource restrained environments is to shard the core logic and database amongst different devices that then collectively run it. Similarly to swarm intelligence, this enables a cluster of devices to efficiently make transactions without being a full node, but having reduced trust requirements from SPV and light clients. (source)

Instructions to take part in the first ICT test

Like CfB aka Sergey Ivancheglo said here:

first ict test

We begin with the first ICT test.

Please join us in the #ict channel on discord.

Disclaimer: this is a test version, not a working product. By testing it, you’re contributing to the actual development of the software.


  1. Download ict-0.1.1.zip – https://expirebox.com/download/7937e91b40af10c7de869c02cada7074.html
  2. Create a file named ict.properties and write port = 14265 as content, next to it ict-0.1.1.zip
  3. Run java -cp ict-0.1.1.zip cfb.ict.Ict ict.properties
  4. Tell 3-7 IRI neighbors your udp://IP:14265
  5. Watch ICT running till it crashes with a “not enough memory” error
  6. Save very last report of ICT outputted into console, it will be used during the next testing phase

We recomend to use devices like Raspberry Pi Zero and similar.

Let’s dance:


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