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The first week of work

devrel 17 lug 2023

It might sound like fashion of the past months, but I also use ChatGPT for different tasks. Being located in Italy blocked me from accessing ChatGPT, but fortunately all I need is a VPS in Germany and using ssh -D to proxy my connection and circumvent this silly blockade.

Work is progressing smoothly. With the help of SSH to the servers, I was able to set up without any issues. The scripts successfully minted the Parrot NFT, which is known as a collection NFT of the Anne Bonny Doubloon collection for TEA in Shimmer.

The Firefly Wallet itself works, but unfortunately, its integration with the Ledger Nano doesn't. This disrupts my crypto security model, as I rely on the Ledger Nano to handle my cryptocurrencies. I'll have to stick to using my main PC for any Firefly-related activities for now. As I mentioned in my last post, the Ledger's exotic hardware and lack of specified support for ChromeOS are the root of the problem.

I encountered an additional challenge with ChatGPT. Despite setting up a proxy through my VPS using ssh, ChatGPT still fails to load properly on Chrome. Despite this setback, I am able to use Visual Studio Code seamlessly and continue building the necessary scripts for my role as Community Manager.

Thursday: Cheat day

Today I needed two monitors to work reliably with, spreadsheets and have a call. With fully packed spreadsheets and the task I needed to complete, I wanted to feel comfortable. As I am using the Chromebook I have this strange feeling that I do not feel completely at home. It usually takes me a few weeks to feel comfortable in using a new tool, so I hope this moment will come soon. Although the real estate of two monitors is hard to achieve with the small display of the Chromebook and an external display. I will have to look into a different solution here or get accustomed with time.


Nothing out of the ordinary happened on Friday. I spent the day writing code and preparing for the Treasuries of Shimmer. Thankfully, everything worked smoothly and there were no issues to report.

In conclusion, my first week with the Chromebook has been mostly positive. Although I encountered a few challenges, I was able to work around them and get things done. I look forward to continuing to use it and exploring its capabilities further. We are at the start of the Treasures of Shimmer campaign, and most of my time will be spent on that. The next blog post will mostly talk about my experience during the campaign. After that, I hope to be able to pick up more DevRel material and continue to share my experiences with you.