Photo by Roman Synkevych 🇺🇦 / Unsplash

The Linux developer environment

devrel 3 lug 2023

After setting up the Chromebook and getting accustomed to it, my next goal was to set up the Linux developer environment. As a DevRel, I wanted to experience IOTA and Shimmer as a web3 developer on this device to better understand the challenges that developers may face while using these technologies.

To set up the Linux developer environment, I followed the official guide. Next, I installed preferred IDE, Visual Studio Code. Fortunately there is also an official guide, which was straightforward and easy to follow. Since my device has an Intel x64 CPU, the setup process was even smoother.

Once I had my development environment set up, the next thing I needed to do is to install Firefox for Linux.
I have to give a lot of love to Mozilla and their team for providing a complete guide. There is a slight deviation from the main guide.
I suggest to install flatpak using their official guide here and then continue installing Firefox  It's not perfect, but it will do the job.

Firefox is my preferred browser, and I wanted to make sure I could use it on my Chromebook.

Now it's time to do some work shall we?