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What is DevRel and Why is it Important?

devrel 12 giu 2023

As technology becomes increasingly complex, the need for a bridge between developers and organizations becomes more important. That's where Developer Relations (DevRel) comes in. DevRel is the practice of building relationships between developers and a company or organization. This involves creating a community around the company's technology, engaging with developers through events, workshops, and online platforms, and providing resources and support to help developers with the tools made available by the organization.

The following are some key benefits of DevRel for a company:

  1. Improved product adoption - DevRel teams create resources, provide support, and share knowledge to help developers better understand and use a company's products and services, leading to increased adoption, usage, and market share.
  2. Enhanced user experience - DevRel teams gather feedback and insights from the developer community, enabling the company to iterate on its products and services to better meet the needs and expectations of developers. This leads to a better user experience and higher customer satisfaction.
  3. Stronger brand loyalty - By fostering meaningful relationships with developers and providing valuable resources, DevRel teams can create a sense of trust and loyalty towards the company's brand, promoting long-term commitment and advocacy for its products and services.
  4. Faster innovation - An engaged developer community can contribute valuable ideas, features, and improvements to a company's products. DevRel encourages collaboration and innovation, helping the company stay competitive and agile in the fast-paced tech industry.
  5. Expanded developer ecosystem - DevRel initiatives like hackathons, developer programs, and open-source contributions can attract more developers to the company's ecosystem, leading to the development of third-party tools, integrations, and add-ons that enhance the functionality and reach of the company's products.
  6. Valuable feedback - DevRel professionals act as a bridge between the company and the developer community, ensuring that feedback from developers is taken into account when making product decisions, helping the company prioritize features and improvements that matter to the users.
  7. Increased visibility - DevRel professionals attend and speak at conferences, meetups, and other industry events, showcasing the company's technology and sharing expertise. This increases brand awareness and visibility within the developer community and the broader tech industry.
  8. Cost-effective marketing - DevRel initiatives can provide a cost-effective means of marketing and promoting the company's products and services by focusing on creating valuable content and resources, organically attracting and engaging with the developer community, and reducing the need for traditional advertising and marketing campaigns.
  9. Internal advocacy - DevRel professionals act as the voice of the developer within the company, ensuring that product, engineering, and marketing teams understand and address the needs and concerns of the developer community. This leads to better-aligned products and services that cater to the actual needs of the users.


What is Developer Relations (DevRel)? A Complete Guide. | Jono Bacon

For IOTA and Shimmer, DevRel is essential to build a strong and thriving web3 ecosystem around the protocol and SDKs. As open-source projects, both IOTA and Shimmer rely on communities of developers to contribute, improve the code and experience, and build new dApps. DevRel helps build and strengthen these relationships, ensuring that developers have the tools, resources, and support they need to build the next generation of the decentralized and ownership-based internet.

By expanding on DevRel, IOTA and Shimmer can attract new developers or support existing web3 builders leverage the technical advantages of Shimmer and create a space for innovation and collaboration. This can expand and accelerate the development of new applications and web3 use cases for IOTA and Shimmer, ultimately leading to wider adoption and growth of the Tangle.

Expanding on DevRel can help IOTA and Shimmer attract new developers and support existing web3 builders in leveraging the technical advantages of Shimmer, creating a space for innovation and collaboration. This, in turn, can accelerate the development of new applications and web3 use cases for IOTA and Shimmer, leading to wider adoption and growth of the Tangle.

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